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Reer Safety mirror Safetyview

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With the safety mirror Safetyview from Reer you always have your baby in view even while driving and can still concentrate on the traffic. To protect your baby, it must be transported in its car seat in the opposite direction of travel. If your front passenger airbag cannot be switched off, the infant carrier must be mounted on the rear bench seat. So that you can still see your baby well; without dislocating yourself, simply attach the practical mirror to the headrest above the infant carrier.

To do this, use the supplied tension strap, which you can adjust individually to each headrest. Align the mirror so that you can see your child well by looking into your rearview mirror. The large plastic mirror is specially curved, giving you a particularly large field of vision. This makes objects appear smaller in the mirror than they are in reality. The Safetyview is easy to install and fits into any trolley thanks to its flat, discreet appearance.

  • Material: plastic
  • Diameter: approx. 17.5 cm
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Product Codes

Our product code: 201300002044
Reer product code: 8601
EAN/GTIN: 4013283860106

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Reer
Shipping Date: 04.06.2023
Color: Black

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