B-Stock - Great reduced offers on already opened articles
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Returned merchandise at reduced prices

  • Save 20% or more compared to buying new products
  • Cosmetic defects possible, but technically flawless
  • Full right of withdrawal and warranty
  • Good for the environment

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Act sustainably and give our products a second chance

You will receive only tested items, full right of withdrawal, the usual warranty and our usual service.

Sustainable: Instead of having to throw away perfectly good, fully functional products, you give a second chance at a happy home. This is good for the environment and your wallet.

B stock products are single pieces of returned or opened items. Often B stock products are returned due to orders of a selection of the same type of products. The packaging may not look like new and the items may show slight signs of use.

All items are checked in advance. The package is complete and the item is fully functional. The items may show slight signs of use, but these do not affect the function.

Every returned product is checked manually by our experts. If the goods are in order and fully functional, they are included in our B stock inventory.

The same right of withdrawal applies to B stock as to new goods. You can cancel the purchase within 14 days and get your money back. More about the right of withdrawal..

The legal warranty law also applies to B stock. There are no disadvantages compared to new goods.

Not only do you save money on a perfectly functioning product, but you also help us to protect the environment. The products do not have to be disposed of and resources for a new production are saved. Compared to used products, B stock products are often a price-performance bargain: They are as good as new, but similarly cheap.

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