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Payment Methods

We offer you various payment methods and financing options.
Exclusively, we work with renowned partners to guarantee you the highest possible security.

Prepayment (Bank Transfer)

A classic! After your order you will receive an order confirmation with our bank details. Simply transfer the invoice amount to our account. We will ship your order immediately after receiving your payment

  • You do not need to reveal sensitive data
  • We deliver your order after having received payment
  • If you do not pay within 10 days, we automatically cancel your order


Convenient and fast! If you use your PayPal account, you only need your e-mail address and password in order to pay. PayPal debits the invoice amount from your bank or credit card account.

  • Quick and easy payment
  • Your bank details are securely stored at PayPal
  • We can process your order immediately

Credit Card

We accept Visa and Mastercard. Your credit card information is transmitted directly to the credit card company using 128-bit SSL encryption.

  • Easy and convenient
  • We can process your order immediately
  • Secure transmission of your data using 128-bit SSL encryption

Paying with Amazon

Pay securely and quickly with your Amazon account. You do not need to re-enter your address or payment information. Just log in with your Amazon account data in the shopping cart. More information

  • No need to enter payment information
  • Use your standard address from Amazon
  • A-to-z-guarantee like shopping at Amazon

Rate Pay

The payment method payment on account is offered and processed by the payment service provider Rate Pay. You will receive the invoice with the bank details in a separate email from Rate Pay directly.

  • Open amount is due within 30 days after shipment confirmation
  • Amount is transferred directly to Rate Pay
  • You only have to pay for the items you keep

Always secure!

Our shop is certified by Trusted Shops. Trusted Shops offers you a money-back guarantee - no matter which payment method you choose!

Klarna Sofortüberweisung (instant bank transfer)

With "Klarna Sofortüberweisung" you can transfer the due amount via a secure payment form directly to our bank account. Your order can be processed and shipped immediately. You only need to be registered with your bank for online banking. More information at Klarna

  • Secure transmission of your bank details
  • We can process your order immediately

Klarna Rechnung (invoice)

You receive your order first and pay later. As an individual you can pay via our partner Klarna (not applicable for businesses). Check out your order at home and only pay for what you want to keep.

More information at Klarna

  • Pay for what you want to keep
  • You do not need to reveal sensitive data
  • 30 days to pay

Klarna Ratenkauf (installment purchase)

Buy now and pay in flexible installments: With "Klarna Ratenkauf" you decide every month anew how much you want to pay. All your purchases will be send to you. Your orders (also from other shops) will be summarized in a monthly  invoice by Klarna. 

More information at Klarna

  • We can process your order immediately
  • You pay in 6 or more monthly installments
  • Installments can be paid off early at any time

Klarna Lastschrift (direct debit)

Using "Klarna Lastschrift", the due amount will be conveniently transferred from your bank account while your order is already on the way. More information at Klarna

  • We can process your order immediately
  • Convenient debit from your bank account after your order has been shipped
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