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More about LaLoona

From fluffy bodysuits and muslin diapers to our fitted sheets or clothes hangers - in your colorful everyday life with baby you don't want to miss the practical everyday companions. Of course, we are constantly optimizing our products for you. But in order to achieve the best for your offspring, we attach great importance to your experiences and let them flow into the further development.


LaLoona is our brand to feel good, which is characterized by very simple and clear designs..Your everyday life with baby is also very turbulent, so we wanted to design all LaLoona items to make your adventure with baby as easy as possible. For example, when we designed baby clothing , we made sure that everything is super easy and quick to put on and take off.

Tested & safe

Everything that is directly on the body of your little darling, we have tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. So you can be sure that the clothing is absolutely safe. Many textiles have a very high cotton content or consist entirely of cotton, so they bring the best properties and gentle protection for the sensitive baby skin. In addition to the cuddly feel-good factor, the fabrics inspire with wonderful designs. This creates many great combination possibilities for charming baby outfits and the baby room.

LaLoona Babykleidung

How do we create such favorable prices for you?

Quite simple - we already have the necessary know-how "at hand": Since we have many years of experience in the baby industry, many moms and dads among our colleagues and a strong network of experts we do not need a middleman. Through this constellation, we can ensure excellent quality with short coordination paths, so that you get the best prices in the end. Together with your feedback on our products, this results in only the very best for your little ones. That is the secret of our lovingly designed LaLoona products.

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