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Lässig Car Organizer Car-Wrap-to-Go - Adventure Tractor

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Travel adventures - without any stress with the car organizer Car-Wrap-to-Go - Adventure Tractor from Lässig. The travel companion with clear division is practically indispensable for children and parents during car trips. Thanks to the easy attachment to the back seat and the numerous functional storage compartments with Velcro and zippers, children have everything important such as cuddly toy, water bottle, toys and snacks within easy reach. No problem if a drink runs over it, the outer material is water-repellent.

  • Dimensions: 44 x 3 x 55 cm
  • Weight: 458 g
  • Outer material: 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Inner material: 100% polyester
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Product Codes

Our product code: 202000001797
Lässig product code: 1204004496
EAN/GTIN: 4042183414515

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Lässig
Shipping Date: 11.03.2024
Color: Blue, Motifs

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