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Reer Pot the pot - mother of pearl cream white

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Getting clean is fun with the Pott baby pot from Reer. Due to the ergonomic shape, babies adopt a healthy sitting posture. When waiting for a long time, the bottom does not stick thanks to special surface structure. 2 reasons; for which the pot is recommended by pediatricians.

Due to its large footprint, it is particularly tilt-resistant. The rounded corners and edges not only reduce the risk of injury, but also allow easy and thorough cleaning of the baby pot. The pot is decorated with a cute face. The cutouts serve as handles for easy and clean emptying.

Color: White pearl cream.

Peter described this product for you.

Product Codes

Our product code: 201200002028
Reer product code: 4711.00
EAN/GTIN: 4013283711002

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Reer
Shipping Date: 01.06.2023
Color: Beige

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