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How good are the strollers from ABC Design?

The combination strollers from ABC Design are among the most popular models. The strollers are characterized by high quality, good materials and long durability. As a result, ABC Design strollers in good condition even after 2-3 years of use still achieve relatively high prices on the second-hand market.

ABC Design Kinderwagen Kollektion 2019

Almost all combination strollers are offered in a set with a tub or carrycot for the baby. This allows you to use the stroller from birth. There are different models for different applications and different price ranges. For a price from about 500 euros you get a stroller from the current collection.   

Which ABC Design stroller is the best?

For many years, the Turbo 4 and Turbo 6 were the most popular combination strollers of the brand ABC-Design. In the last 2-3 years, this has changed. The best and most popular models today are the Condor 4 as well as the Viper 4. In March 2017, the Condor 4 was named the price-performance winner by Stiftung Warentest. Since then, many parents rely on this very universal combination stroller. If you like to travel on forest and field paths, you should take a closer look at the Viper 4. Due to its large pneumatic tires, it also offers ideal driving comfort off-road.

ABC Design Kombikinderwagen Condor 4 Shadow

Which ABC Design combi stroller should I buy?

First you should ask yourself where you want to use the stroller most often. Do you mainly drive only in the city or also off-road? Do you travel with your child a lot by public transport or also by car? Then you can decide on the type of tires. For the city, parks and simple terrain normal wheels are sufficient. But if you like to be out in nature, we recommend comfortable pneumatic wheels. 

ABC Design Kombikinderwagen Turbo 4 Pinao

ABC Design stroller for the city: Here you should take a closer look at the Condor 4 and Turbo 4 models. The biggest difference lies in the baby bath and the subsequent seat for your child. The Condor 4 has a fixed baby bath. The seat is supplied as an extra part and is later simply clicked onto the frame. With the Turbo 4, the seat remains mounted all the time. When you use the tub for your baby in the first months, you simply fold the seat into the reclining position. This makes the Turbo almost 3 kg heavier than the Condor. This is also reflected in the price. For the Condor 4 you have to spend about 100 euros more. An investment that is definitely worth it - after all, you and your baby spend a lot of time in the stroller.

ABC Design Kombikinderwagen Luftrad Viper 4

ABC Design stroller for off-road: If you want to spend a lot of time with your child in nature, you have the choice between Viper 4 and Tereno Air. Both ABC strollers are equipped with pneumatic wheels. These provide high ride comfort due to the additional suspension, even on bumpy paths. The Viper 4 has a removable baby bath and an extra sport seat for older children. In the Tereno 4 Air, the sport seat is folded back so that the tub can be used for the baby. This makes the less expensive Tereno about 3 kg heavier than the combi stroller Viper 4. If you often transport the stroller in the car or often have to lift, the surcharge of about 70 euros is also worth it.

ABC Design Kombikinderwagen Tereno Air Street

A stroller for city and terrain at the same time? You are looking for an ABC Design stroller that can do everything? Then take a closer look at the Salsa 4. This stroller is the ideal compromise. At the same time, it is also the lightest model from ABC. You get a maneuverable stroller that also makes a good figure in the terrain. So you are prepared for everything without making big compromises. Unfortunately, the Salsa 4 is currently about 699 euros also the most expensive stroller from ABC Design.

ABC Design Kombikinderwagen Salsa 4 Mountain

What's the deal with the Diamond Special Edition?

Every year ABC-Design launches a special edition. In the 2019 collection, this is the Diamond series. In general, the Diamond strollers differ by the following features. All leather elements are provided with a noble diamond stitching. The frames are chrome-plated. The wheels are equipped with chic white band tires. In addition, the Asphalt design is exclusive to the strollers of the Diamond series. For the first time, the Condor, Salsa and Turbo models are now also available with pneumatic tires. Who decides for a Diamond stroller has so not only an exclusive look but also stands out in driving comfort again from the standard models. 

ABC Design Diamond Edition

There are also solutions for accessories that are tailored to the Diamond series. In addition to the Urban and Jetset diaper bags, there are the Tour and City diaper backpacks. A matching parasol, footmuff, leg cover and car seats are of course also available. 

Which infant carrier fits an ABC Design stroller?

You can combine your stroller from ABC-Design with almost any baby car seat. Matching colors to each collection there is the baby car seat Hazel or Tulip (new from 2019). For baby seats of the brands Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Kiddy or Römer you can buy an adapter as an accessory. With this you can then simply click the car seat on the frame. The big advantage is that you don't have to wake your baby after the car ride. You take your child out of the car with the car seat and can run short errands. 

ABC Design Babyschale Hazel auf Gestell

Does ABC Design also have sibling or twin strollers?

Of course, there is also for parents of two the ideal solution from ABC. In this case, you should take a closer look at the Zoom sibling stroller. The Zoom is a very versatile stroller with 2 seats behind each other. Thanks to a wide range of accessories you can design the Zoom totally free. One or two baby tubs, seats or infant carriers - all no problem. Due to the small width you have no problems with narrow passages in everyday life. You will hardly believe how easy it is to drive a stroller for twins and siblings.

ABC Design Geschwister- Zwillings- Kinderwagen Zoom Piano

You are looking for an ABC Design stroller for older children?

As soon as your child can sit independently, you actually use the sport seat of your station wagon stroller. So you don't necessarily need a buggy. However, there are many parents who are looking for a small, maneuverable runabout for short trips or around town. For this purpose, ABC Design has the Okini stroller in its range. At just 9.2 kg, it is much lighter than a combination stroller.
The previous strollers Mint is unfortunately no longer manufactured since the 2019 collection.

ABC Design Zubehör Wickeltasche und Babydecke

What accessories for my ABC stroller is useful? 

Unfortunately, ABC-Design is one of the few companies that thinks very much about the accessories. You get almost every part to match the design of your stroller. Whether diaper bag, parasol, footmuff, leg cover, changing backpack - for everything there are thoughtful solutions.

ABC Design Zubehör Sonnenschirm und Wickeltasche

Since the collection there is a click system on all strollers. With this you can easily attach many accessories. But there are also many things that make your everyday life even easier. For example, there is a buggy board, rain cover, insect screen, shopping net, lighting, cup holder, air pump and much more. Most customers order a matching diaper bag, the parasol as well as the rain cover right away. 

ABC Design Service Area:

We will not leave you out in the cold after the purchase. No matter what problem you have with your ABC product, we will not sit back until you are satisfied again!

Your ABC Design product is defective?

Unfortunately, it can always happen that something breaks in the course of time. However, this is not a problem, most things can be repaired quickly.

You bought your ABC-Design product at

Great - in this case we will take care of any problems for the first 2 years. Please simply contact our complaints department. They will help you quickly and easily. Please do not forget to have your order number or invoice number ready. You can reach our service staff under the telephone number: 0911-567996-16 or by e-mail: We can help you even faster if you send us a photo and a detailed description of the defect.

You bought your ABC item from another retailer?

In this case, please contact the corresponding dealer. Only this dealer can handle your complaint. As a rule, you have a legal warranty of 6 months with all dealers. During this time, the dealer must correct all problems. After that, you still have 18 months warranty. Depending on the dealer's goodwill, you may have to prove that the defect was already present at the time of purchase.

You need a spare part?

If your ABC Design product is older or you bought it used, you can purchase spare parts directly from ABC Design. Please contact the ABC Design customer service for this.

Service Reparatur Hauck
This is how you can reach ABC-Design customer service:

You can't find your ABC-Design user manual anymore?

No problem: on you will find the corresponding operating instructions on every product page. Simply call up the corresponding product. You can enter the item number or the product name in the search. You will then find the user manual in the product details tab. If no user manual is stored, you can also find it directly at For older products, please contact ABC-Design customer service.

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