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More about MiaMia

A practical selection: The MiaMia range is equipped with everything your little one needs for their first attempts at eating. In addition, we have expanded the product range with important accessories for your darling's favorite pacifier. All items are universally designed so that they always fit and can be combined according to your needs. So that we can get the best out of them, your experience values flow into the production. Thus, our products are tailored to your needs and accompany you through everyday life.


MiaMia is our brand for parents who see the baby meal not only as a necessity, but also as a shared moment of enjoyment. Mealtimes are precious and shared family times that are especially important and valuable for the little ones. With the equipment we have adapted to the developmental phase, this time becomes an even more enjoyable experience with a learning effect.

Learn to eat independently

Whether ergonomically shaped cutlery, child-friendly plates with raised edges or water-repellent bibs, with MiaMia, children are happy to try, feast and practice diligently. This makes the milestone of independent eating child's play. The product variety inspires with clear, modern and functional designs. Everything can be combined with each other as the mood takes you and quickly becomes a cheerful eye-catcher.

MiaMia Kinderbesteck

All of our MiaMia products are developed by experts and each of them goes through strict quality control. Thanks to your product reviews, suggestions for improvement and testimonials, our team can see exactly whether our product meets your requirements during the sales process. If improvements are needed, we can take them into account in the next production cycle.

Many years of experience

Compared to big manufacturers of famous brands, we do not need middlemen. We have a team with many years of experience in the baby industry: including many moms and dads, and an excellent network of experts, manufacturers and producers. The result of this combination is short coordination channels, highest quality, small prices and well thought-out products that always adapt to your wishes.

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