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How good are products from Hauck?

You are looking for an exclusive stroller with which you can impress your neighbors and friends? Money plays no role - preferably so expensive that no one can afford the same car? Then you are unfortunately at the wrong address. Hauck has been providing young families with practical and affordable baby products for almost 100 years. The high chairs, strollers, baby carriages or travel cots are characterized by their unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The topic of safety is a particular focus. All products comply with the latest safety standards. Many products are even voluntarily tested beyond these standards. This results in well thought-out and high-quality products that make everyday life easier for every family. Especially the new high chair newborn sets Alpha and Beta are so popular that these are temporarily no longer available.

Stroller / 3in1 Combi Stroller (Trio Sets)

Choosing the perfect stroller for many parents is a very complex decision-making process. It is not uncommon for mom and dad to spend more than 3 months on this topic. Hauck offers in this area for almost every requirement the right solution. Whether stroller, combi stroller, stroller set, stroller, tricycle stroller sibling stroller, buggy or travel buggy - you have the choice between many models.

Hauck 3in1 Kinderwagen Trio Sets

Many Hauck strollers are offered as trio sets. Here you have everything - baby bath, car seat and stroller in one complete package. The most popular stroller sets are those of the Rapid series. You can use these strollers for your baby from birth. In addition to the stroller, the sets also include the Comfort Fix infant carrier. This was rated "GOOD" by Stiftung Warentest in November 2018. So you get a good stroller with a safe baby shell at a very reasonable price. Already from 299,99 euros you can order such a complete package. From 349.99 euros, the Rapid 4 sets are also available with an Isofix base.

Buggies and strollers

As soon as your child can sit independently, you use the stroller or buy a lightweight buggy. Here, too, Hauck has many practical solutions. If you have chosen one of the stroller sets from the beginning, you already own the most popular Hauck stroller - the Rapid 4. The special feature of the Rapid 4 is a simple and practical one-hand folding system. In less than a second you can fold the stroller small. So you always have a free arm for your child. The Hauck Rapid is available in different versions. The simplest version starts at just over 100 euros - the luxury version with comfort tires is about 50 euros more expensive. For sporty parents, the Rapid is also available as a 3-wheel buggy.

Hauck Buggy Micro

For parents looking for an even lighter travel stroller, the Micro or Swift Plus is the ideal choice. The sportiest stroller is the Hauck Runner. As an ideal complement, there are many practical accessories for your stroller.

High chairs from birth

A classic in the field of children's high chair is the Hauck Alpha Plus. The growing wooden high chair is the ideal alternative to the much more expensive Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. The functions are very similar. For some time now, Hauck has also had a newborn attachment for its wooden high chairs in its range. This allows you to use the high chair from birth. In the first months your baby lies in an attachment with a comfortable lying position. In addition, you can also use the Alpha Bouncer as a rocker.

Another high chair is the Beta. Compared to the Alpha, this one is additionally equipped with an eating board, seat cushion as well as 2 castors. Both Hauck high chairs are also offered as Newborn sets. This means you get the Hauck high chair including the newborn attachment (Alpha Bouncer 2in1) and sometimes a seat cushion.

Hauck Hochstuhl Beta Plus mit Essbrett und Sitzpolster

In addition to wooden chairs, there are also various folding combination high chairs to choose from. The most popular high chair here is the Sit'n Relax set. This is not only height adjustable and has a reclining position - you can fold the chair at any time to save space. So there are many options for you and your baby to eat together at the same table from day one. You don't have to invest several hundred euros in comparable products like the Tripp Trapp.

Hauck Reisebett Babycenter inkl. Wickelcenter

Travel cots for newborns and children

Especially in the field of travel cots, Hauck is the most popular brand. You can find travel beds in all price ranges. For about 30 euros you get a simple bed for the vacation or the overnight stay with the grandparents. If you need the all-round carefree package including a changing mat, music box, mobile and newborn drape, the price tag is around 100 euros. Popular Hauck travel cots here are the Hauck Dream'n Play travel cot or the super-equipped Babycenter.

Hauck Beistellbett Face to Me

If your child is to sleep in the bed for several days, we recommend buying a travel bed mattress. The supplied mattress has a thickness of about 2 cm and is not comparable in comfort with an additional mattress of about 6 cm. All travel cots are small foldable and portable. A carrying bag is included for transport.

Hauck Service Area:

We won't leave you out in the cold after your purchase. No matter what problem you have with your Hauck product, we won't sit back until you are satisfied again!

Is your Hauck product defective?

Unfortunately, it can always happen that something breaks in the course of time. However, this is not a problem, most things can be repaired quickly.

You bought your Hauck product at Babyartikel.de?

Great - in this case we will take care of any problems for the first 2 years. Please simply contact our complaints department. They will help you quickly and without complications. Please do not forget to have your order number or invoice number ready. You can reach our service staff by phone: 0911-567996-16 or by e-mail: reklamation@babyartikel.de. We can help you even faster if you send us a photo and a detailed description of the defect.

You have purchased your Hauck item from another retailer?

In this case, please contact the corresponding dealer. Only this dealer can handle your complaint. As a rule, you have a legal warranty of 6 months with all dealers. During this time, the dealer must rectify any problems. After that, you are still entitled to 18 months warranty. Depending on the dealer's goodwill, you may have to prove during this time that the defect was already present at the time of purchase.

You need a Hauck spare part?

If your Hauck product is older or you bought it used, you can purchase directly from Hauck. To do so, please contact Hauck customer service.

Service Reparatur Hauck
How to reach Hauck customer service:

You can't find your Hauck user manual anymore?

No problem: at Babyartikel.de you will find the corresponding operating instructions in every product. To do this, simply call up the corresponding product. For this you can enter article number or name in the search. You will then find the operating instructions in the Product Details tab. If no operating instructions are stored, you can also find them directly at www.hauck.de. For older models, please contact Hauck customer service.

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