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Nip Bellywell heat pad with gel filling

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The Bellywell heat pad from Nip is the ideal helper when your little one suffers from tummy aches. It is only half as heavy as a cherry stone pillow and stores the heat longer. The heat pad is also extra flat and is therefore also well suited for use in the prone position.

The Bellywell heat pad has a soft moor gel filling; which is evenly distributed. The heat pad is therefore very flexible and cuddly - so it fits perfectly to your baby's tummy. Thanks to the light weight, your baby will not find the Bellywell heat pad disturbing. Due to the extra soft filling, you can even gently massage your baby's belly through the pillow.

The effect: The Bellywell heat pad effectively relieves pain through long-lasting warmth. The lavender scent additionally calms your baby and increases his general feeling of well-being.

Application: Simply warm up the Bellywell heat pad in the microwave to the right temperature (for babies approx. 42°C). If the pillow ever gets dirty, you can simply clean it under running water.

Filling phthalate-free. With natural lavender oil. Saliva and sweat proof.
Dimensions: approx. 17 x 11 x 2 cm.

Scope of delivery:
1 Bellywell heat pad
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Product Codes

Our product code: 022015000031
Nip product code: 37071
EAN/GTIN: 4000821370715


Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Nip
Shipping Date: 01.10.2023
Color: Purple

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