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Reer Anti-tilt for furniture - 2 bands - White

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The most important at a glance

  • your furniture tilt-proof & gives them a secure holdbarely
  • visible security due to unobtrusive attachment to the back of the furnitureflexible
  • & very easy to attach by screwing or gluingcan
  • individually adjusted to your piece of furniture & thus holds especially firmly

Safe furniture for little climbers

Furniture often serves as a way for little ones to pull themselves up for their first attempts at walking or standing, or even as a climbing opportunity. It is easy for a cupboard or chest of drawers to topple over with its contents under the weight of the little climber. To prevent this from happening, the white Reer anti-tipper for furniture reliably secures it with 2 straps.

You can choose whether the anti-tipper should rather be glued or screwed on. Since this is attached to the back of the furniture, it is hardly visible. If the safety device is no longer needed later, the adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue and the screws do not leave any visible marks.

The tape of the anti-tilt device can be adjusted individually, so that the chest of drawers or cabinet is secured precisely and firmly. If the piece of furniture needs to be moved once, the band can be released in a few simple steps. For fastening to plaster walls, a fastening hook with a self-drilling tip is included, which makes it easy to attach without tools.

What else you should know

Recommended age
  • : 6 to 36 monthsMaterial
  • : plastic

Scope of delivery:

  • bandsfixing material
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Product Codes

Our product code: 201800003300
Reer product code: 73020
EAN/GTIN: 4013283730201

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Reer
Shipping Date: 30.05.2023
Color: White
Product type: Proof for drawer / cabinet

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