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Reer Vaporizer VapoMax - White Anthracite

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The VapoMax from Reer disinfects bottles and teats quickly, energy-saving and chemically-free in just ten minutes. Up to six bottles can be stored in the removable bottle holder. Naturally, gripping and wide-necked bottles can also be disinfected. Small parts such as suction cups, teething rings and sealing rings can be placed in the removable basket insert. After ten minutes in the steam bath, the VapoMax switches off automatically; the contents remain disinfected for at least three hours when the lid is closed. Thanks to the practical gripping pliers, the parts can be easily removed. Practical: The Heat Colour steam outlet signals the heat of the surface.

  • Diameter: 23.5 cm
  • Höhe: 33 cm
  • Material: Polypropylene steam container and lid

Scope of delivery

  • Vaporizer
  • basket insert
  • Bottle holder
  • Pliers
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Product Codes

Our product code: 201500008565
Reer product code: 36010
EAN/GTIN: 4013283360101

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Reer
Shipping Date: 01.06.2023
Color: White, Grey

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