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Once upon a time there was a company that listened to parents and child". What sounds like wishful thinking is reality at Babymoov. The French company not only invests one million euros annually in research and development of innovative and helpful products for parents and child. It even runs its own daycare center to identify the concerns of the little ones in the best possible way and solve them with new creations.


Since 1997, the teams at Babymoov have been designing baby products with special technical and innovative features. Top products include Babymoov diaper bags, Babymoov baby monitors, Babymoov 5 in 1 Nutribaby or the Babymoov Babyni.

For Babymoov, everyday closeness & quality count

As important as the impressions and behavior of the children is, of course, the opinion of their parents. That's why Babymoov regularly invites fresh and experienced moms and dads as well as bloggers to creative projects where a lively exchange about the topic of children takes place.

By being close to its customers and helpers, the company has already developed a good feel for the high demands of young parents. This is also noticeable in the product range: For example, Babymoov filed a whole ten patent applications in 2014. In terms of know-how, specialists such as pediatricians, midwives and daycare centers support the Babymoov team.

Of course, no product comes on the market without first being extensively tested. That's why you can be sure that Babymoov items do more than just work.

Besides function and safety, the health of your child plays an enormously important role. That's why the company is best known for its low-radiation baby monitors. Easy Care, Premium Care and Expert Care emit up to 33 times less radiation than their competitors and still offer excellent transmission quality. And the video baby monitor Babycamera 0 Emission does not radiate at all.

Babymoov Babynest Cloudnest

Some baby monitors have room temperature measurement or intercom function. Babymoov baby monitors offer the right equipment for everyone. Video baby monitors, for example, provide absolute certainty about how your little darling is doing. Because here you not only hear your baby, but also see it.

To make your life easier, Babymoov is constantly developing new products. Today, in addition to baby monitors, the range includes stylish diaper bags, practical kitchen gadgets (e.g. the popular 5 in 1 Nutrybaby or stylish drip stands), comfortable baby bouncers, ergonomic baby supports for sleeping and much more. Babymoov is aware of the quality of all products and therefore offers you a lifetime warranty on all Babymoov items!

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