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More about Sterntaler

The "fairytale" company exists since 1965 and produces toys and textiles for babies and toddlers under the name Sterntaler. Die Marke Sterntaler begann mit einer Babyschuh-Kollektion und ist nun eine der bekanntesten und beliebtesten Marken bei Eltern und Kindern.


In 1982, a big step is taken: Sterntaler expands throughout Europe and is a pioneer in the field of UV protection for baby headwear. Probably one of Sterntaler's most popular products is the music box! This so classic baby article is made at Sterntaler not only to play music - it is at the same time cuddly toy and toy. In always new shapes and colors presents this cute article and gives parents and babies a lot of joy.

Sterntaler Wilbur-Serie

Cozy cuddle and sleep

Baby sleeping bagsfrom Sterntaler are available in different designs: so parents get summer sleeping bags, all-season sleeping bags and jersey sleeping bags. Here, too, the attention to detail is evident with the child-friendly as well as perfectly coordinated designs.

The cuddle cloths from Sterntaler are the classic among the gifts for birth and are always joyfully received by babies. These are of course also available again in many beautiful design series.

Only the best quality

Quality is the top priority at Sterntaler. Only high-quality and pollutant-free materials are used in production, and the production facilities themselves are at the highest technical processing level. Therefore Sterntaler is amfori BSCI member, which enables us to have our suppliers audited according to the code. Part of our toy production sites is certified according to the ICTI Ehtical Toy Program.

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