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Bibs Pacifier Trial Set - Try-it Collection 4 Pack - Blush - Size 0-6 M

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The most important at a glance

4-piece pacifier
  • set makes finding the perfect pacifier easy Cherry-shaped
  • teat imitates the mother's breast in a natural wayoptimal
  • air supply & comfortable for baby's delicate skin thanks to large air holesprotects
  • the mouth area from irritation & pressure points thanks to curved shape100%
  • natural rubber: soft, flexible & natural sucking sensation

Natural sucking sensation

Due to the variety of pacifiers, finding the right pacifier and the perfect fit can be difficult and expensive at first. After all, when it comes to pacifiers, no shape is right or wrong, as all babies are different. To find the ideal pacifier for your baby, it is important to try different shapes and sizes. That's why the Try-it collection from BIBS includes four different types of pacifiers, so you can try out the best fit for your little one at a reasonable price and without any hassle.

Natural sucking sensation

The four different pacifiers are made of either pure silicone or pure natural rubber - free of BPA, PVC & phthalates. The velvety soft, flexible and skin-friendly material of the pacifiers give your little one a natural sucking feeling. The selection of round, symmetrical and anatomical teat shapes, the different shapes of the mother's breast can be imitated in a natural way.

This prevents all pacifiers suction confusion and you can easily switch between breast and pacifier, so that your darling can continue to follow his sucking instinct.

Protection from skin irritation

The slightly rounded shields of the pacifiers, are provided with ventilation holes. So enough air gets to the little mouth and the delicate baby skin is protected from skin irritation. The pacifier nestles gently against the skin of your baby and prevents pressure points - so your baby feels completely comfortable!

Classic & timeless design

The optimal everyday companions for your little one in a classically elegant design! On the practical gripping ring of two of the pacifiers, you can also easily attach a pacifier chain.

What else you should know

Age recommendation
  • : 0-6 monthsMaterial
  • : silicone or natural rubber & polypropylene - free from BPA, PVC & phthalates

Scope of delivery

  • x BIBS De Lux pacifier1
  • BIBS Colour p
acifier1 x BIBS
  • Supreme pacifier1
  • x BIBS Couture pacifier
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Product Codes

Our product code: 202100003803
Bibs product code: 91341
EAN/GTIN: 5713795222872

Technical details

Product Group: 3
Brand: Bibs
Shipping Date: 17.04.2024
Color: Rose / Pink

Ratings & Reviews

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