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Hauck Alpha Plus White - Newborn Set - High chair + newborn insert & seesaw

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The most important at a glance:

  • Complete set from birth - incl. Newborn attachment and rocker
  • Test result "GUT" - Öko-Test (May 2016 issue - colour walnut)
  • Growth with your child - usable for life (up to 90 kg load)
  • Thanks to Alpha Bouncer 2in1 Newborn Set can also be used from birth
  • Special tilt resistant stair high chair
  • Sustainable: is made of European beech wood


Now exclusively at Babyartikel.de - the Alpha highchair set from birth.2in1 package: Incl. Alpha high chair, newborn top and bouncer.


The ergonomically shaped and cuddly soft Alpha Bouncer 2 in 1 - Hearts Grey is the ideal place for your newborn. The soft plush fabrics nestle snugly against your child so it feels comfortable from the start. The cute, softly padded teddy bear serves as a seat reducer and to support the head. The side padding provides extra support for your baby. With the 3-point harness, your little treasure is safely fastened at all times.

Use as newborn attachment: Perfect for feeding. Place the high chair with baby top at the table and your child can enjoy the meals together with the family. Your darling is very close to you and may observe the events at eye level. At the same time you don't have to bend down so much when feeding and protect your back.

Use as a baby bouncer: Would your treasure rather have some variety? Then simply attach the baby top to the flexible swing frame with one click. Through the movements it swings back and forth and gently rocks your baby to sleep.


Öko-Test evaluates the Hauck Alpha+ wooden high chair with the test result "GUT" (May issue 2016). The Alpha+ is not only the cheapest chair in the test, but also the high chair with the highest load limit of 90 kg. In contrast to the other chairs in the test, the equipment also includes an additional, adjustable 5-point restraint system in addition to the crotch strap. In the tilt resistance test, the chair also receives the grade good.

Growing with your child: The height and depth of the seat and foot plate can be adjusted to suit the individual growth phase of your child. You can combine the front bar with the 5-point restraint system or the crotch strap. So your little one can already sit together with you at the table from approx. 6 months. The restraint system can be fixed to the backrest with Velcro and flexibly adapted to the height of your child. The crotch strap is also easy to attach. You can use the belt systems according to your needs.

The Alpha+ high chair is very stable and stable and the ideal high chair for children up to 12 years. As the Alpha+ can withstand loads of up to 90 kg, it can also be used well beyond the childhood period.

By purchasing an Alpha highchair, you also make a contribution to protecting the environment. The processed wood originates from sustainably managed, EuropeanBeech wood cultivation.


Scope of delivery:

  • Alpha Plus High Chair White
  • Alpha Bouncer 2in1 Newborn Attachment & Rocker - Hearts Grey
  • Protection Guard
  • Crotch strap
  • 5 point belt system
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Product Codes

Our product code: 201700005477
Hauck product code: 1161+1888
EAN/GTIN: 4251209100503


Technical details

Product Group: 2
Brand: Hauck
Shipping Date: 29.11.2022
Product type: Wooden high chairs
Maximum weight limit: 90 kg
Features: Newborn insert, Bouncer
Seat height: 5x adjustable
Footrest: 3x adjustable
Safety bar: Included, removable
Safety type: Five-point harness
Product dimensions (L x W x H): 56 x 48 x 80 cm
Seat (L x W): 23 x 44.5 cm
Required min. table height: 70 cm
Max. seat height: 55 cm
Weight: 7 kg
Main material: Wood
Scope of delivery: Treppenhochstuhl,Schutzbügel,Schrittgurt,5-Punkt Gurtsystem,Newborn Set (Bouncer 2in1)
Color: White, Beige
Recommended Min. Age: 0 month(s)

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